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Workplace Harassment Prevention Training
  California AB1825 & CT 46a-54-200 Manager and Supervisor Training   Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Training
  Workplace Ethics and Code of Conduct Training   Sexual Harassment Posters

Clients already enjoying the benefits of our training programs


"I want to thank you and your staff for making our training very successful. Our staff got through all of the desired training sessions and it was completely seamless. We did enjoy the videos and the multi-lingual accessibility. I will definitely use your services in the future.
Lee Bohne
Action Recyclers

"Our Online Sexual Harassment training has been a great success - thanks to the content and the system. Thanks much. It has been great to do business with you and I am sure we will do more in the future.
Peter Torry, Executive Pastor
Pomona First Baptist Church

What sets us apart from other trainers?

Unlimited Access to Workplace Harassment Traning

Access our online training program, and train as many employee as you need. No limit on the number of employees you can train. In addition, your employees will access their through a branded online portal, complete with your company logo.

It's not just about Sexual Harassment

Covers all types of unlawful harassment, discrimination and retaliation including sexual harassment, age, sexual orientation, genetic makeup and more. Includes practical, easily understood explanations of manager/supervisor responsibilities and liability, and employee complaint procedure

Backed by Attorneys

Unsurpassed legal expertise through a strategic alliance with leading Employment Law attorneys. Our Online Workplace Harassment Training program is designed to always deliver solid legal content.

100% Completion Rate on Test Certification

Our no-fail course testing system means that every employee will pass with a 100% score. Be secure in the knowledge that your workplace harassment training will end with total success, giving you protection and affirmation defense that effective training can offer against any future workplace harassment lawsuits.